Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Nights

Ok, first off, for this post, you need to be listening to this song while you read it. Click on the link.

Ok. Now you can continue reading. SUMMER ROCKS!!! There is so much fun stuff going on all the time. But before I get into all the fun stuff that happens in the summer, let me give an update on my schooling life. I am an official research assistant for my professor now, which means I have a job! Still studying bubbles, but not having to count them anymore, and I get paid so it doesn't really matter what I'm doing anymore. Also, I got the driving position for the super-mileage car! That means for my senior capstone project I will help to build this car, learn to drive it efficiently, then actually drive it on a track so that we can measure the gas mileage it gets. It should be pretty awesome! (And since you're listening to the song, ISN'T RASCAL FLATTS PRETTY AWESOME TOO??)

Alright, onto summer fun. We've been doing some sweet stuff here in Provo. I got a second longboard so I can take friends/girls down provo canyon on the river trail. Blair, Evan, and I got river tubes to float down provo river, which we have done multiple times in the last few weeks. Also with extra tubes for friends/girls. SO FUN! And ps, we rent life jackets everytime, so don't anyone get all nervous for our lives or anything. We do it the safe way. There have been constant fireworks over the past month. Multiple firework shows, and for those who don't know, Utah legalized aerial fireworks this year, so when I say firework shows, I mean REAL firework shows. And, last but not least, RYAN IS COMING HOME IN 4 DAYS!!! I am super excited, just so everyone knows. He has been serving a mission in Guadalajara Mexico for the past two years, and I have only had about 2 hrs with him in the last 4 years. I got home the same day he left, so we had lunch together and that is all the face-to-face contact we have had since 2007. So yes, I am excited for him to come home and we can chill for reals again.

Anyway, just wanted to post a summer update for everyone. Hope you all are having a good summer. PEACE!

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