Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Sports, and Old Books

Happy New Year! And what a great year it will be! For starters, I will be a part-time student; took too many classes this last semester, so I don't have enough left to be full-time, :). One of these few classes will provide a big step forward in progressing towards my life as a wealthy gentleman- skiing. No, skiing will not provide me with wealth, or make me a gentleman. It will, however, give me one of the skills that wealthy gentlemen have. I believe that there are three sports that a wealthy gentleman must be proficient at; namely, Golf, Tennis, and Skiing. These are the three sports that I associate with extravagant vacations and luxurious living, so they are the sports I will learn. And I'm doing alright at learning them, too! I have golf clubs... not very good with them, but I have them; I have a tennis racquet and tennis balls, but as for winning matches... well, just don't ask Blair about it.

As for skiing, last season was the first winter that I went skiing more than once. I could keep up with my friends, but only because they would stop and wait while I clipped back into my skis, so, actually, no. I did not keep up with my friends. That picture above IS of me, but it was also taken just before I became, in the words of my cousin, "A Snow Cone". My goal is to make it down the mountain without falling, and when I can do that, I will get my own pair of skis.

This year will also be great because of the awesome resolutions I have made. Unfortunately, I will not be sharing those on this blog as I saw a video recently from TED that discouraged me from doing so. Apparently, as you can see from the video, sharing my resolutions will lower my chances of actually achieving them. I will let everyone know that I will continue reading many books to enrich my life and broaden my perspectives. And along with that, I would like to give a list of the books I read and am still currently reading from this past year, and a short critique of each.

1. Pride and Prejudice -Even better than the movies. I highly recommend it to all who are fans of chick-flicks.

2. The Art of War - A bit of a difficult read, mostly because of the commentary inserted after each line. Interesting read, but is probably better read a few lines at a time, instead of all at once.

3. Shakespeare's Sonnets - Boring. Found a few sonnets I liked, though. Numbers 17, 18, and 47.

4. Common Sense - A must read for anyone who considers themselves an American. I would have fought for a revolution after reading it, too.

5. The Hunger Games - A thrilling tale that immediately had my full attention. A fast read. It does have an addicting affect though, and you WILL have to read the other two.

6. A Christmas Carol - Read it at President Monson's recommendation. Great read for the holidays.

7. The Mansion - Another of President Monson's holiday recommendations. Definitely gave me a more charitable spirit during Christmas and made me rethink why I do the things I do.

8. Catching Fire (Hunger Games II) - Same as the first, thrilling and addicting. Also a fast read.

9. Mocking Jay (Hunger Games II) - I told you, "You WILL have to read the other two".


10. Les Miserables - Wow. It is a long book. I am reading the unabridged version, but perhaps should have picked a condensed one. Compelling story, but lots of side stories for unneeded background.

11. The Natural Navigator - A very interesting book on the ways of finding your location and bearings from signs and patterns in nature. Good for those who don't like GPS, like me.

Well, that's it for now. Again, Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Great post Eric. Sometimes I don't know if you are being cheeky or funny. But the fact that you read Pride and Prejudice and admitted it, and admitted liking it....I think you're funny and AWESOME!

    Love your list of books. I think I need to get my hands on Common Sense. And I think Nathan would love to read The Natural Navigator.

    1. if he has a kindle, or just gets the kindle app for pc, i can let him borrow it. I'm not exactly sure how to do it, but you can let people borrow your ebooks :)