Thursday, April 7, 2011


This morning has been great. Yesterday I had a 12-page research paper and a working engine that I build due, making my mornings early and hectic the last few days. But not today. I slept in till 8, took a long shower, and had some delicious Cinnamon Life cereal, and have now decided- it is time to start THE BLOG. I figure in this first post, I should lay out what I will write about in the future and set the tone and build the suspense. This blog will cover many topics ranging from business to engineering projects, from thoughts on life to the actual happenings of life. So, here we go.

This 12-page paper is a semester long research project I have been working on. I wanted to do something with my car, so I measured the sound levels and frequency spectrum from my car exhaust. The paper was not very spectacular, but I am happy with it.

Now, the engine. The engine is a "pip-squeak" engine, designed to run on compressed air. A group of four of us designed the engine, created the drawings and manufacturing process sheets (step by step of how to make the parts), and then built it. It runs beautifully, and it sounds like an ATV. Here is a slow motion video I took of it-

Now, to get everyone fully up to date with my life, I need to talk about a recent business venture of mine. My roommate, Blair Harris, and started a screen printing business last week- Dinan Apparel (pronounced 'deenin'). Since starting, we have received two orders of t-shirts, one for 12 shirts, and another for 40 shirts. We have bought a printer that will burn the stencils into our emulsion screens, and we have bought the ink and today we will finish ordering the t shirts for these orders. Friday all of our supplies should be in and we will be able to start production. Updates of these shirts will follow.

Well, that is all I have time for today. My wonderful morning of relaxation is now over and it is time to head to class.

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