Monday, April 11, 2011

We're in Business!

We did it!! Dinan Apparel is now in business. This weekend, Blair and I successful printed 56 custom t-shirts for our first two customers. The first order was 12 shirts for my sister Claire and her cupcake business, "Cupcakes by Claire" (check out, its sweet!!). Here are the pictures from that job-

They will have names put on the back of about half of them, but you can see what the shirt is.

The other order was for 44 shirts for students to wear the last day of class of a professor who is retiring this year. Dr. Christiansen, or "Dr. C.", has taught engineering at BYU for several decades. In fact, some of the current BYU professors had Dr. C as a teacher when they were students. Most of the students bought shirts and there is one for Dr. C as a gift as well.

32 refers to BYU's #32 Jimmer Fredette and a #32 shirt that Dr. C wore to class on game days this semester. And "BRAVE LIKE BIRDIE" refers to a story that Dr. C has told the last few years about a sparrow he saw down in Newport Beach that had a crippled leg, but was fatter than all the other sparrows because he was brave and would get closer to the children feeding the birds than another of the other sparrows. He would then tell us stories of students who had overcome great obstacles because they were brave, and we will overcome great obstacles and succeed if we are brave like Birdie. I'm excited to see 44 students wearing our shirts on Wednesday! So, its official. WE ARE IN BUSINESS! Feel free to place orders for custom t-shirts. We currently offer monochrome graphics (any color, but only one color), any color shirt we can get. Just shoot us an email at and we will give you a quote ($10 on average). Let the fun begin!

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  1. SO awesome! And I'm excited to get my official order soon as we figure out what we're putting on them haha