Friday, April 15, 2011

Brocks, Paper, Scissors

I love being a business partner. You get to do such cool things. Like yesterday, Blair and I got started on an order someone placed the night before for t-shirts for "The Brocks", a local band who just happens to live next door to us. They wanted twenty shirts, and said they would send us the graphic for it.  When we woke up yesterday morning, we saw this-

Yeah, it looks SWEET! But we had no idea how we were going to make it. Instead of calling them up and saying, "Sorry Brocks, this is too hard, find someone else", we started researching how to do it. After watching a couple youtube videos, reading a few blogs, and getting some major help from Andrea Busath with adobe photoshop (THANKS ANDREA! check out her awesome photography business - Capturing Joy Photos),
 at 11:45 pm we were able to deliverer a box to The Brocks next door with 30 of these-

So Business continues to grow! And don't worry everyone; yes, I am giving myself plenty of time to study for my finals next week. I spent a good 6 hours studying yesterday, about all that I can handle in one day, so it was a very productive day yesterday. Anyway, all of you should go to The Brocks concert tonight at Sammy's in downtown Provo. Starts at 8, its free, and you can buy one of these sweet t-shirts to support The Brocks and support future t-shirt orders from us! Here is a video of their music, then you can decide if you want to come. GO BROCKS!!! Oh, don't stop being a huge fan of The Brocks, but last month Yellowcard came out with a new cd, and it is awesome. Just sayin'.

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