Saturday, April 16, 2011

I wish I was James Bond

I know I just blogged yesterday, but I just had a sweet thought/ thoughts I wanted to share. So there I was, checking out my friend Cameron Smithson's blog (My Life as an Anagram, check it out, hilarious), and this song starts playing called "I Wish I Was James Bond" by Scouting for Girls, and I think to myself, "I have ALWAYS wished I was James Bond!" Strangely enough, this fantasy started on my mission. Every few weeks, I would have dreams about being a secret agent with an important mission to fill. Sometimes it involved running through jungles and hiding in bushes, other times it involved the getaway car being a Big Wheels Tricycle. But always exciting, and I was always the good guy. I come home from my mission, and I still have those dreams of being some secret agent on a secret mission, AND I LOVE THEM!! I wake up so pumped and wanting to sneak around and do sneaky things (don't worry, I don't). Then I watch 007 movies, and I see James Bond living my dream, driving fancy cars, sneaking around doing sneaky things, and just being awesome. Not forgetting that he also gets all the ladies.
        Anyone ever played the "assassin" game before? You are given a target of someone else playing the game, and you have to "assassinate" them with a squirt gun. This is about the closest I have been able to legally become my dream self. Playing it freshmen year, I would find out my target's name and get a picture of them. I would subsequently find out where they lived, where they work, and set up a stake-out in front of their apartment (isn't it creepy what you can find on the internet about people?). One of the funnest games I have ever played. So our ward started this game about a month ago, and I was pumped! Alas, I was betrayed the first day. While I was being a serviceable person and donating blood, a "friend" saw me and texted his roommate who subsequently came and assassinated me in the act of saving 3 lives. How rude. Atleast I was still able to get my fix of secret agentness from assisting in the assassination of others. So there you have it. My big secret is out. I wish I was James Bond.

P.S. We have some sweet shirts we are making this weekend for a friend to wear to tennis matches. I don't want to ruin the surprise of it all, so just check back in a few days and see the awesomeness of these shirts they designed.

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  1. 1-I LOVE Scouting For Girls, their songs (especially I Wish I Was James Bond) are amazing.
    2-I can't wait for my tennis tshirts!