Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fiery Attraction

      I took a chance this week. I went for the gold. Actually, I went for the Smokey Joe- I bought a Weber Grill! Last weekend, many adventurous souls took the opportunity to go camping, and everyone knows, camping is really just an excuse to sit around and play with fire. A few of us not heading out into the woods got to talking and decided that you don't have to go camping to play with fire; in fact, we could play with fire in front of our apartment with a fire pit. So, we searched ksl and craigslist that afternoon to no avail. However, on a warm wednesday afternoon, nestled between two random foreclosure houses for sale, I found what I was looking for: a small portable Weber Grill. I called the current owners and quickly made arrangements to become the new owner. And within a few hours, it was mine.
       Now for the gamble. I had a feeling that if I just lit a small fire in that thing in front of my apartment, anyone and everyone within the smell of the smoke would join in staring at the mesmerizing flames with me. And guess what? THEY DID. That night, just like the bugs that hover around our porch light, people began climbing out from behind trees and under rocks to get close to my magical source of light, warmth, and entertainment. Soon, there were 20 people, marshmallows, and a guitar. What did I decide after that moment?

Fire=Instant Party

       This has proven true yet again, when my cousins and brother returned from watching "Limitless" (which, by the way, was an awesome movie and made me feel pained for the seconds wasted at the traffic light as we waited for it to turn green) at the dollar theatre to have our own little fire. And Evan, being the survival man he is, wanted to start it with lint from our dryer and his flint and steel kit. It TOTALLY WORKED! I did help it with lighter fluid though, not completely trusting the lint. Sure enough, within 5 minutes of the fire starting, we had 4 more people emerge from the shadows, and at the high point, we had 10 people, marshmallows, and a laptop with a playlist of requested songs. So I state it again- Fire=Instant Party.  So, anytime anyone wants to be a part of these magical moments, just let me know and I will be glad to satisfy that fiery attraction of yours.

And here is the trailer for Limitless, and yes, it is as cool as the trailer.

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