Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alcança- Achieve Anything

We did it! We finally got a permanent name for our company! Alcança ( [a']l-kän-s[a'] ). It is Portuguese for "reaching" or "achieving". It came at about 12:30am last Wednesday. We needed to come up with a name we could stick with so that we could design some sort of logo for the upcoming Y2K race on Saturday that we were making shirts for. I tried a thousand different names that never quite felt how we wanted it to feel. And Blair, while I'm drifting into a splendid slumber, sleepily tells me, "Eric, I got a name. 'Alcança'." I told him it sounded awesome, then fell asleep. The next morning, it still felt good, so we kept it! We made waterbottles with the logo on it, we put the logo on the shirt, and all was well with the world. 
              Now what is the Y2K? Only the greatest race ever conceived and accomplished in 1 month's time. My friend, Hank Taylor, being the entrepreneur he is, realized that there are many races in Provo, but none that tackle the Y trail. So he made one that does, the Y2K. It is a 2k race from the bottom of the trail to the top (yep, comes out to 2k's). It has a 1076ft elevation climb and a recently recorded time of 15:21 to beat. Up for the challenge? Start training because there will probably be another one in August. 

Here are pics of the shirt and of the race. All the other sponsors were all of Hank's other business ventures, Red HaikuDisc Golf Guru, and one which should have also been included, the Provo Monster Mile. Also check out Aerobic Workout Music, which has instrumental hymn arrangements that are perfect for working out to. In fact, the MTC plays it at its gym for missionaries to listen to while they have gym time. And I can't forget the shirt we made for "Clash at Demonhead", an ultimate frisbee team that wanted team jerseys. Check it out!

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