Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Start Over Day

How often do you think you have a bad day? How often does that bad day start with a terrible morning? I had a terrible morning. Both of the sports teams I am on lost last night, I didn't get to sleep on time because of homework, and woke up with no time for breakfast and ate a tortilla on the way to class. I felt tired, defeated, and hungry. Now, I did not want to have a bad day, so I thought to myself, "Hey, why don't I just start the day over??" So that is what I did! I came home from class, baked some delicious blueberry muffins, and in a few minutes, I will be off to bed to take a nice nap! The day already feels so much better just from the fact that I have eaten 6 scrum-didily-umptious muffins and decided to take a sleep. This is going to be a great day yet!

Also of note, this weekend Dinan Apparel filled an order for an ultimate frisbee intramural team (my team) and they look sick. The color of the shirt is called "safety green" and yes, the shirts are self-luminescent. We were hoping the shirts would add to the all important intimidation factor of frisbee, but alas, we still lost (contributing to my terrible morning). Our team is Team 15, hence the 15 on the shirt. Enjoy! And special thanks to Cameron, Chelsie, and Courtney in helping with the shirts this time.

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