Monday, October 10, 2011

The Austen Life

Studying for my advanced fluids test has not been my favorite part of the day. So I won't talk about that. What I WILL talk about is my recent explorations into the female psyche. What is it that women really want? What are they hoping for and dreaming about? I decided to consult the ubiquitous source of women's dreams and hopes- Jane Austen. More specifically, Pride and Prejudice. Actually, that's a lie. Not the Jane Austen part. The part about trying to understand girls. Its not true. I really just wanted to read the book. And as sad as it is to admit this, I love it. I play the scenes out in my mind as I read, trying to imagine the expressions on their faces, their dancing feet, and their rooms of conversation. The worst part is, I am struggling with it right now, not because I tire of its intricate details, but because I can not wait for Mr. Darcy to make is first proposition to Miss Bennett and her subsequent rejection. I am just dying to read it and feel the violent emotions of the moment.
Well, I need to go to bed now. 7am isn't coming any later than it did that fateful first day of school. Quick update on that, we are doing well with the super-mileage car. The final fuselage design has been finished. The foam blocks for the model have been cut, and tomorrow we start carving them to their proper form. After that will be a mold made from fiberglass and then the actual car from carbon fiber. Things are moving! Goodnight faithful followers.

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