Monday, October 24, 2011

Bieber Fever

To start off, I just want to say, I do not have "Bieber Fever". In fact, I think I could almost call myself a "Bieber Hater". This was not always the case. Just one short week ago, I was quite indifferent to the whole matter. But then two girls who I will call Kelli M and Maralee B - no, that's too obvious, let's call them K Masterson and M Brown- forced me to make a stand, for better or for worse. For them, I feel they would say I have chosen the latter.

So there we were, taking a wonderful drive together listening to my beats (one of my favorite things) to an FHE activity, when Kelli and Maralee- OOPS! I mean K and M - pressed us to listen to the new JB Christmas single. I was indifferent and allowed them to play it. No sooner had the song begun, that a spontaneous dance party ensued in the back seat. Now, I thought this was fun enough and had no objections to it. Apparently, K and M did not think that the boys in the car (Blair and myself) had strong enough feelings about The Bieber. So they took it upon themselves to... indoctrinate us.

Thursday afternoon, I come home from school around 5:30 and find that our door has been ambushed. Have a look for yourself-

They think they have converted us, but no, they  have thought wrong. Now, I was not totally turned off by this nefarious act of vandalism; in fact, I found it slightly entertaining, even fun. Blair and I thought it would be fun to return K's and M's "gift" in kind. We left some innocent, silly little photos of Justin Bieber on their apartment door as well, only they were slightly altered-

For some reason that I cannot comprehend, K and M were not humored. In fact, they seemed perturbed. And, surprise surprise, they wanted revenge (mind you, they made the first strike). Sunday morning comes along, and plastered on every door, displayed on lamp posts and building entrances, and to top it off, TAPED ALL OVER OUR CARS (remember, my car is one of my favorite things), was a picture of Blair, myself, and JB, only Blair and I had had our faces superimposed onto girls' bodies, with the title "JUSTIN BIEBER'S BIGGEST FANS".

I have news for you, K and M: I am not Justin Bieber's biggest fan. I am not any sort of fan. If this is what Justin Bieber drives you to do to others, to those who could be considered friends, I want no part of this boy. I DO NOT LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER.

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  1. hahahahahahaha. I'm sorry but that is pretty funny! all of it. I am dying. hahahahahaha