Monday, October 31, 2011

Knick Knack Paddy Wack, I'm an Engineer

These past few months have not been good to me. Well, actually, they have been great, but as to my ability to relate with others, well, that has gone to pot. I play with computers more often, I leave for class before 7am and sometimes don't get home till after 5pm, and I love it. Each day, I realize more and more that I am, unfortunately, an Engineer. Take this past week as an example:

On Monday, I went to the machining projects lab and used a computer controlled mill to make a part for the supermileage car, and it was awesome. On Tuesday, I made CAD drawings of other parts I still need to machine, and they were awesome. On Wednesday, I planned with other engineers how we are going to build carbon fiber composite rockets and launch them in a few months, and it was awesome. On Thursday, I used a computation fluid dynamics software package to analyze the forces that act on a boat as it encounters head waves, and it was awesome (check out the pic). On Friday, I used Excel to calculate the equivalence ratio of an air to fuel mixture in a diesel engine by calculating the percentages of CO2 and CO in the exhaust with the intake pressure varied between 24psi and 30psi, and it was awesome. Saturday, I installed Linux onto my desktop and worked through the command prompt terminal to install a printer driver since HP doesn't officially make one for Linux systems, and it worked, and it was awesome. And on Sunday, I used Linux to hack into my Ipod and pulled off songs and put new ones on, WITHOUT ITUNES, and it was awesome.

It does not get much nerdier and engineery than that. I think I only have one thing goin' for me that keeps me somewhat balanced- I finished the "Art of War" this week and have begun to read another piece of literature that should broaden my perspectives and vocabulary. It is none other than "Shakespeare's Sonnets", in all their glory and loftiness of prose. Funny enough, this comes- coincidentally- after our stake president told us in conference that we should all be studying and writing poetry. So there you go, I am being obedient, expanding my literary knowledge, and saving myself from utter social ineptitude due to my engineering tendencies. I hope from this post, you can all understand my new found awkwardness and geekiness and accept me for who I am, as I am finally doing.

Oh, and in case you still don't understand what is happening to me, just watch this cartoon. I did my best to keep my "knack" under wraps, but it can no longer be restrained. Look out world! I'm an engineer!

P.S. I have given up Facebook for the next little while, in case some of you are wondering what happened. And if you got here from Facebook, I didn't post it there (my sister did). Peace out my faithful followers!

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